Team Doge vs. BrooDMotherS match preview

The International 6 is over, shuffle season has just started, so you thought that competitive Dota is over for a while? Well, you’re in for a surprise!

For the rest of August, we will be looking at several matches in the latest edition of ProDota Cup. It is a double elimination tournament for 16 teams and it features some pretty big names in Dota, who are looking to land invites to top tier rosters. Most prominent players taking part in the tournament are SingSing, bOne7, SexyBamboe, chshrct, goddam, jonassomfan, and Sealkid. But apart from the big guns, there are many young players that are looking for their chance to shine under the spotlight.

Today we’re previewing Team Doge vs. BrooDMotherS, that is set to start on August 16, Tuesday, 19:30 CEST.

This matchup is made particularly interesting thanks to the participation of jonassomfan and Sealkid in Team Doge. Both were members of Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) squad, which folded in November of 2015. While the team failed to meet their goals and ultimately disbanded, it was always regarded as one of the most interesting to watch in the EU region thanks to their innovative strategies and aggressive play style.

After the collapse of NiP both players were unable to find a spot in a top team, and this shuffle season may be their last chance to do so. They are playing in a full Swedish stack, together with iNsania, Solitude, and Micke. Apart from Solitude, who had a few short spells in several tier 2 teams, the rest of the players are almost completely new to pro Dota.

Most bookies seem to think that BrooDMotherS will take the BO3 series, but it won’t necessarily play out that way. It may be a smart idea to bet on Team Doge. Let’s look at the situation in more detail.

The main reasons why odds are in favor of BrooDMotherS are:

  1. They are a somewhat established team, in comparison to the fresh squad of Team Doge, who haven’t played a single competitive match with this roster.

  2. Their love for Drow Ranger and Mirana, both of whom are incredibly strong in the current meta.

Drow strats are probably the biggest strength of BrooDMotherS. Drow Ranger was generally associated with heavy early-game aggression and high-risk, high-reward strategies. Lately, it seems to no longer be the case. This hero has proven to be an effective tool in all stages of the game and unless it is countered with strong initiation heroes, it can be extremely tricky to deal with.

One of the main reasons for her popularity and versatility is the Precision Aura – a strong passive spell that acts as a global buff for all ranged teammates. This skill allows originally unfavorable matchups in the other lanes to be won and scales almost indefinitely to a point where even weak ranged heroes can become strong right-clickers.

So why do Team Doge have more chances in this matchup? Firstly, they have jonassomfan, Sealkid, and Solitude. BrooDMotherS roster is made up entirely of inexperienced up-and-comers, so they should definitely struggle in the BO3 format. Secondly, Team Doge players are known for playing several of the strongest heroes in current Dota.

Sealkid is a great Wisp player. The hero opens up so many ways to win the game and can create unexpected chances to outmaneuver the opposing team. Solitude is feared for his Ogre Magi. This hero is pretty straightforward. Mainly used for his buff, he enabled his core to come online faster and with greater force. And in the latter stages of the game, Ogre Magi himself is capable of strong bursts damage.

But the main weapon in Team Doge’s arsenal is jonassomfan. With his versatile hero pool, he truly is a force to be reckoned with. Just look at his current hero records:

  • Clockwerk 33-14

  • Axe 36-20

  • Timbersaw 7-4

  • Legion Commander 13-8

  • Batrider 23-15

You can’t effectively ban out all his strongest heroes, all of which are relevant in this meta. The inexperienced roster of BrooDMotherS will definitely struggle to counter whatever strategy Team Doge can come up with. This series will likely go 2-0 in favor of Team Doge.

Expect to see a heated battle, as both teams will be fighting to be noticed by the best professional organizations worldwide!

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