Kaipi vs. Elements Pro Gaming match preview

We’re continuing our preview series of ProDota Cup with a match between Kaipi and Elements Pro Gaming.

Kaipi is course most known thanks to bOne7 and SingSing, former teammates at Speed Gaming and Cloud 9. SingSing was a part of the famous roster that won The MLG Championship Columbus in the fall of 2013 together with Arteezy and EternaLEnVy. After leaving Cloud 9 both players struggled to make a significant impact on the competitive scene.

In August of 2014 SingSing was removed from the C9 roster and proceeded to join Team Tinker, which featured other big name players like EGM, Pajkatt, and qojqva. His biggest achievements with the team were winning the Megafon Battle Arena and placing second at Dota 2 Champions League Season 4. Following a string of disappointing results, SingSing departed Team Tinker in February of 2015. He went on to form a new team together with ComeWithMe and Mynuts, Burden United, to participate in the ESL One Frankfurt 2015 qualifiers. After failing to qualify for The International 2015, Burden United decided to disband and SingSing took a break from pro Dota. He re-joined his former teammate bOne7 at Kaipi on 14th of March 2016.

Pittner "bOne7" Armand was released from C9 almost a year later than SingSing, in August 2015, after the team’s disappointing performance at The International 2015. Almost immediately he went on to reform Kaipi. Since then the team went through countless roster changes and to date has no significant trophies.

There is still no official word on the full roster of Kaipi that will play today. The latest confirmed members were bOne7, SingSing, TheCoon, and SexyBamboe. It is possible that former Kaipi player ComeWithMe will reprise his role as a position 5 support.

Kaipi’s opponent, Elements Pro Gaming, consists mostly of inexperienced players with no substantial achievements. In yesterday’s loss against PowerRangers, they used former Na`Vi and Yellow Submarine captain PSM as a stand-in. It’s likely that he will play for them today as well.

Most bookmakers name Kaipi as the winner and it is hard not to agree with them. With the experience of SingSing, bOne7, and SexyBamboe on their side Kaipi, on paper, look to be a great team. But given that Kaipi doesn’t have a stable roster and that odds in their favor are incredibly high, it might be worthwhile to bet a small amount on Elements.

Expect Kaipi to take the series 2:0, but maybe Elements Pro Gaming will be able to surprise us!

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