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Latest transfer rumors from V1lat

According to the discussion between V1lat, Faker, Godhunt on today’s twitch stream big changes are coming to several major teams:

OGMiracle- will leave the squad, but Moon and Cr1t are still undecided. N0tail and Fly will continue playing together.

Team SecretBulba, Arteezy, pieliedie, and EternaLEnVy are leaving. Puppey will stay and put together a new squad.

Digital Chaos – roster will remain unchanged.

Evil GeniusesFear will retire from Dota 2, ppd to look for a replacement.

MVP Phoenix – Forev will leave the team, wants to play in Europe.

Of course, none of this information is officially confirmed and should be treated as pure speculation.

You can check out the VOD of the full conversation here (in Russian).

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