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Новости Dota 2

EternaLEnVy going to EG?

Latest rumors suggest that EternaLEnVy may end up on the Evil Geniuses roster.

Earlier today his Team Secret teammate Bulba posted on Twitter: "@EternaLEnVy1991 gl eg.ee". While at first, it looks to be a simple prank, there are some factors that make this interesting.

This would line up with speculation that Fear is retiring from competitive Dota 2 and that ppd is looking for a replacement. Earlier rumors also suggested that members of Team Secret are splitting up, with only Puppey staying on the team.

It is important to note, that EternaLEnVy had already played for EG back in 2014. At the time Fear was sidelined due to an elbow injury and EG used EternaLEnVy as a stand-in for Starladder playoffs in April.

Of course none of this information is officially confirmed, for now, EternaLEnVy remains to be on Secret’s roster.

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