Valve updates roster lock process

Just in time for the most heated period of the roster shuffle before the next cycle of the competitive Dota 2 season, Valve has updated the Dota 2 Major Registration process.

The new system is designed to eliminate several issues of the previous season.

This year players don’t have to manually register before each Major. Unless team managers or players make any changes themselves, rosters will remain intact throughout the year. The registration process is now split into two phases.

The first phase of registration is the drop period. During this period a team admin can drop players, or players can leave a team. It will be open until September 4.

The second phase of registration is the invitation period. Only during this period teams can issue invites to players they wish to add to their rosters. It will remain open from September 4 – 18. Invites can be sent to any players not listed on another team’s roster. This includes new players or players that were previously removed from the team.

You can check the full details at the official Dota 2 Majors Registration FAQ.

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