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Новости Dota 2

MoonMeander and Blitz join DC

Yesterday Digital Chaos parted ways with offlaner David “Moo” Hull. Today the team has announced that he will be replaced with David “MoonMeander” Tan.

MoonMeander played at The International 2015 with compLexity and then became the first to win two Valve tournaments with OG (Frankfurt & Manila Major). After OG’s disappointing performance at The International 2016, Moon left the squad.

DC has also found a new coach. Pajkatt and Loomdun, who coached the team in the previous season, are no longer part of the organization. Replacing them will be William “Blitz” Lee.

This year Blitz was coaching Team Liquid. But prior to that, he was a popular Dota 2 caster and a player for Team Zephyr.

It is worth noting, that Moo confirmed on his Twitter that he was kicked from DC, rather than leaving of his own accord. 

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