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Miracle- set to join Team Liquid?

There are fresh rumors about Amer "Miracle-" Al-Barkawi joining Team Liquid.

It started with Team Liquid’s Dota 2 manager retweeting an old Kuroky post that said: “... a miracle”. Considering yesterday’s announcement of FATA- taking a break from pro Dota, Team Liquid is in a dire need of a replacement. Many fans took that retweet as an indication that the replacement was already found in form of a former OG mid-player.

This speculation is supported by MoonMeander, a former OG teammate, who claimed that Miracle- is joining one of the top teams in the world. Last season Team Liquid was the main adversary for OG, as both teams fought each other in a number of high-profile tournament finals.

It should be remembered that Team Liquid are also looking for a support player. Just a few days ago JerAx has left the team. One of the rumored candidates for his spot is Bulba, who recently played for Team Secret.

We expect to hear confirmation or rebuking of these rumors after September 4 when the second stage of the roster shuffle will start and teams will be allowed to add players to their rosters.

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