Матч дня 1.81 - 1.97 The Boston Major
Group Stage, Europe
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dota2 27октября
16:00 МСК
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Новости Dota 2

Kaipi made a serious mistake with roster registration

According to the new registration rules for Major tournaments, at the start of the shuffle period rosters are no longer automatically reset. If a player is leaving a team, he has to exit the roster manually or be removed by team admin. It looks like Kaipi forgot about the rule change.

After the drop period deadline was over, bOne7, current captain of the team, was surprised to learn that he can no longer change his roster. As it turns out 7ckngMad and ComeWithMe are still listed with Kaipi, though both players have left the team several months ago.

Now Kaipi must play with them at the next Major, or they will be ineligible to receive an invite for the tournament and will have to go through open qualifiers.

During his Twitch stream, SingSing has confirmed that Kaipi are preparing to play in the open qualifiers.

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