Match preview: Prodota Gaming vs. PowerRangers

Prodota Gaming and PowerRangers will meet in the Elements Cup #2 on September 8. The winner advances to the winners final and will be one step closer to the Grand Finals and $10000 prize.

Both squads are actively looking to find a stable roster and battling for qualifier spots for large tournaments.

Bookmakers are quite heavily favoring Prodota. At the time of writing GG.BET’s odds are 1.51:2.44 in favor of Prodota. On paper, the European squad looks pretty good, but PowerRangers aren’t that bad either.

In August PR managed to win 6 matches and lost 4. In September their record so far is 2-1. Prodota are doing a bit better – 11-2 in August and 1-0 in September. They also have won 11 matches in a row. In head-to-head games, Prodota are on top with 5-2 in 2016. It’s worth remembering, though, that both teams changed their rosters several times this year, so it’s not that fair to compare them based on previous results.

Let’s look at Prodota’s roster. In August the team was joined by two players: ComeWithMe and Pingvincek. ComeWithMe used to play together with SingSing and bOne7 in Kaipi. Pingvincek is less known, his most notable team is Danish Bears.

Full roster of Prodota for September is:

There are no world-class stars, but judging by their latest results they make a pretty decent team.

PR’s roster is a little less stable. The Belarusians still don’t have a set 5-man stack. In their latest matches, they used Afoninje as a stand-in. He is known for playing in Hellraisers and Polarity. Sometimes Ubah also plays as a stand-in, and he has a coaching role with the team. Ubah played together with Afoninje in Hellraisers. Regular starters for PR are chshrct, j4, Bignum, and goddam. We should note that chshrct and j4 are playing in PR for more than 3 years.

We expect PR to use this roster against Prodota:

Will they be able to stop Prodota’s winning streak? Bookies don’t this so, and we have to agree with them. But great odds make a good case to bet on PR. If you don’t believe in their overall win then it’s worth betting on them taking game 1.

The match will start at 20:00 CEST on September 8. We except Prodota Gaming to win 2:1!

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