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Новости Dota 2

New Alliance roster?

If you already forgot, then we’ll remind you that after s4, Akke, and AdmiralBulldog left Alliance the team has only 2 players remaining on the roster – Loda and EGM.

AdmiralBulldog is taking a break for a few months, Akke is still undecided on his next steps, and s4 will play for OG. At the same time, the future of Alliance remained up in the air.

Some fans have noticed a possible roster of the Swedish in the WESG registration site. Loda and EGM are listed in one squad with Handsken, NinjaMicke, Zai, and jonassomfan. At the moment Zai is registered as a sub.

Handsken and jonassomfan played together in Ninjas in Pyjamas and Zai used to play for Evil Geniuses and Team Secret. NinjaMicke is new to professional Dota 2, before that he played Heroes of Newerth.

It is too early to consider this roster official, we expect to hear an official confirmation before September 18 when the shuffle period finishes.

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