Blizzard delays Overwatch 2 patch which should've brought Mei back. When will Mei return to OW2?

Overwatch 2 patch that was supposed to enable Mei in the hero pool has been postponed. A critical issue needed to be fixed first, says Blizzard in the official announcement on the game's forum.

Why was Mei removed from Overwatch 2 and when she returns

Mei was disabled in Overwatch 2 due to a bug with her Ice Wall ability. The developers removed her on November 1 and explained the decision on Blizzard CS The Americas Twitter.

Blizzard reveals Battle Pass cost and rewards, new map and explains when Overwatch 1 will end

Blizzard announced the first Battle Pass for Overwatch 2 with the new support hero, Kiriko. It will be accessible to all players for free, with over 20 free rewards across 80 tiers. The reveal appeared...

Overwatch 2 "spirit fox" support Kiriko abilities and weapons officially revealed

Blizzard announced Kiriko, a new support hero that was rumored for quite a while. They showcased her skills, weapons, fox companion, and background lore. The reveal via trailer was posted on YouTube.

Overwatch 2 "Fox Girl" support Kiriko trailer leaked, revealing her look, weapons and abilities

YouTube account Kuriboh cervantes posted a video trailer of Overwatch 2's support hero Kiriko. The footage showcased her appearance, weapons, and supposed skillset. It was taken down by Blizzard but is...

Leak: next Overwatch support Fox girl name is Kiriko, unlockable for free through Battle Pass

The previously rumored Overwatch hero support "Fox girl" name was revealed as Kiriko. According to former Blizzard employee, Naeri, the character will arrive with Overwatch 2 launch on October 4.

New Overwatch 2 leak reveals "Fox Girl" hero detailed abilities, image and name

Overwatch 2 next support hero, "Fox Girl," just received another portion of details. An anonymous person claims her name is Kimiko [Update: later leak stands for Kiriko]. He posted her screenshot with...

Blizzard reveals when Loot Boxes sales end

Activision Blizzard is saying goodbye to Loot Boxes in Overwatch. The sales will stop on August 30. The already acquired ones will automatically open upon the first login on September 14, with items transferred...

Overwatch Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 will run from August 9 to 30

Blizzard teased Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 in a short video on Twitter. The trailer showed several Overwatch heroes in festive outfits, waiting in line for a party. The event will start on August 9 and will...

Blizzard's code sheds some light on who will be next Overwatch 2 hero

Blizzard posted a cryptic message about the next Overwatch 2 support hero after Junker Queen ahead of the end of the second beta testing. It appears to be connected to foxes, confirming previous guesses.