Blizzard revealed Doomfist and Orisa reworks in Overwatch 2

Blizzard announced reworks for two Overwatch characters. Doomfist and Orisa received new abilities and stat adjustments. In the official blog post, developers explained the reasons behind the changes.

Leak: Overwatch 2 Junkerqueen abilities and weapons revealed

Ex-coach and content creator Felix "Fefe" Munch shared new information about the rumored heroine Junkerqueen for Overwatch 2. He cited a reliable source and uncovered some details of her abilities.

London Spitfire dropped the player who was sending explicit messages to a minor

London Spitfire Overwatch team parted ways with Owen «prov1de» Warner. The player has been accused of sending inappropriate messages and presumably intimate pictures to a minor. The club decided to drop...

London Spitfire player have been accused of sending explicit pictures to 16-year old

London Spitfire Overwatch team player Owen "prov1de" Warner got into a scandalous situation. His former girlfriend Emma accused him of gaslighting and sending intimate pictures when she was 16. She revealed...

Overwatch 2 closed beta to start in late April 2022

Blizzard has clarified the information about Overwatch 2. PvP beta will begin in the late April of 2022, game director Aaron Keller revealed.