Activision Blizzard reportedly eliminates "remaining entry fees for the entire OWL," estimated at $6 to $7.5 mln each

Overwatch League orgs will not be required to pay the remaining part of the entry fees for their slots. Activision Blizzard has reportedly waived them, even though the participants owe millions, roughly "anywhere between $6 and $7.5 million," citing an inner source. This was revealed by Hunter Cooke and award-winning esports journalist Kevin Hitt for Sports Business Journal.

"The entire Overwatch League has had their remaining entry fees waived as well," says their source. The report came out shortly after OverActive Media, which fields Toronto Defiant, announced a new deal with Activision Blizzard with three major components: A sponsorship deal between the two parties, early payment of league revenue sharing, and the elimination of outstanding entry fees.

OverActive's agreement was valued at roughly $8 mln. As a public company, Toronto Defiant's owners must disclose such deals or risk legal issues. SBJ report also says, that Call of Duty League franchise partners may also ask for similar entry fee removals.

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